Hammock Care

Your hammock is probably your favourite piece of furniture on the road and around the home. To prolong its life and keep it looking its best it needs to be cleaned regularly. If your hammock has algae and mildew stains, then it is going to need a little more extra work to get it looking new again.


Algea from trees or plants which overhang can leave stains on the fabric. Mould or mildew does grow in humid and damp environments. This can all be avoided if a thorough treatment of vinegar or soapy water is applied every now and then.

Don’t use chlorine or bleach when cleaning your hammock as it may compromise the fabric.


Washing Machine (Not recommended for our Hippie Hammock)

You can wash your hammock in a large washing machine. Before washing the hammock, you need to use strings to tie the hammock together. This will prevent tangling. Wash the hammock on a gentle cycle.

The ropes on the hammock may come out twisted, but with a little tension these will disappear.


Hand Wash (Recommended for our Hippie Hammock)

Fold your hammock in half and tie together just below the metal rings with some string, this will prevent tangling. Fill a tub with mild detergent and water (warm can work best) and submerge the hammock. Use your hands to agitate the canvas, and use a small scrub brush to attack any stubborn stains.


If algae or mildew stains are prevalent, brush them with a scrub brush while it is still hanging while the hammock is completely dry.

Pour white vinegar on stains and let this sit for 15 minutes.


Ensure to hang in a hot dry place after washing so the hammock dries as fast as possible.


If your hammocks are suspended out side be sure to remove them after use if under trees or in the rain. Weather conditions could affect the outcome of your hammocks life.